Flight Simulator

Developer Services and Consulting

​Starting with Microsoft FSX and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D and now Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). We have developed and are developing aircraft for the simulator platform.  We are using Blender and a MODIFIED ASOBO exporter. Future projects will use ASOBO's Blender exporter. Textures will be created using Adobe Substance Painter.


​Make a plan of how you are going to model the aircraft.
Gather pictures, data, Pilot Operating Handbook Using Blender to make 3D models and export with the ASOBO exporter. Texture are done with Adobe Substance Painter. Model Behaviors using ASOBO templates and in-house developed templates. HTML/CSS/JavaScript gauges are crafted for more complex gauges. C++ WASM coding for those extra features.


3D Modeling Program - 3DS Max, Blender - has ASOBO gltf exporter.

Text Editor - Notepad++, Visual Studio Code

Texturing program - Adobe  Substance Painter, Quixel Mixer, ArmorPaint

Paint program - Gimp, Adobe PaintShop, Paint.Net, Inkscape


3D Modeling Program - gltf importer - Fly-by-wire (limited import capabilities to “see” how things are done).
File Compare - WinMerge - compares two text files and shows the differences.
​File Find - GrepWin - finds files containing “search” text - to review ASOBO template XML files.